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Committee on Administration, Finance and Budget

The Committee shall be responsible for matters relating to:

Adoption of Community Budget;

Examining the draft annual budget of the Parliament;

Monitoring financial and administrative management in the Parliament;

Assessing the effectiveness of various community financing mechanisms, notably the implementation of the protocol relating to the community levy; the coordination of various financial instruments, and evaluation of the cost/effectiveness of implementing policies financed by the Community;

Controlling execution of the Parliament’s budget;

Verifying accounts and balance sheets relating to decisions concerning the closure, presenting and auditing of the Parliament’s revenue and expenditure as well as measures accompanying or implementing these decisions, in particular, as part of the internal control procedure;

Referrals on financing Community programmes

Committee News

Committee Members

Position in Committee Lastname Firstname Country
President Ali Ndume Mohammed Nigeria
Vice President Ndoye Souleymane Senegal
First Rapporteur Ouattara Kourbié Modibeauh Burkina Faso
Second Rapporteur Veronica Kadie Sesay Sierra Leone
Member DJIBO ALI Amadou Niger
Member FOMBA Dieminatou Mali
Member Haja Fata Siryon Liberia
Member ALFREDO FERNANDES Gabriela Guinea-Bissau
Member Sado Nazaire Benin
Member Haruna Maitala Nigeria
Member Modibo Kane Cisse Mali
Member Barkire Hannatou Niger
committee Clerk
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