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Committee on Infrastructure

The Committee shall be responsible for matters relating to:

Common transport and communication infrastructure policies, laws and regulations.

Developing an extensive network of All-weather roads within the Community, priority being given to the inter-State highways.

Improvement and integration of rail-way networks in region

Programmes for improving coastal shipping services in inter-state inland waterways and harmonising policies on maritime transport and services;

Harmonising and regulating the areas of international laws and policies of maritime transport;

The development of regional air transportation services;

Developing human resources through harmonization, standardisation and coordination of national training programmes and policies in transportation in general and air transport, in particular;

Standardisation of equipment being used in transport and communications and establishment of common facilities for production, maintenance and repair;

The establishment and promotion of joint ventures and community enterprises and promoting private sector involvement in transport, communication and tourism.

Committee News

Committee Members

Position in Committee Lastname Firstname Country
President Traore Coulibaly Adjaratou Ivory Coast
Vice President Olujimi Biodun Nigeria
First Rapporteur Manly-Spaine Ajibola Sierra Leone
Second Rapporteur AFENYO-MARKIN Alexander Kwamena Ghana
Member Odebiyi Tolu Nigeria
Member Jeng Mahtarr M. Gambia
Member UMAR Abdullahi Kamba Nigeria
committee Clerk
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