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Committee on Social Affairs, Gender and Women Empowerment

The Committee shall be responsible for matters relating to:

Development of an ECOWAS policy on equal opportunities, including equality between men and women with regard to employment opportunities;

Harmonisation of labour laws and legislation on social security;

Promoting exchange of skilled manpower among Member States

Promotion of literacy, professional training and employment;

Protection of the children’s rights and other vulnerable groups;

Development of appropriate measures for the protection and assistance of child and other vulnerable groups;

Monitoring the local integration of ECOWAS citizen refugees by virtue of the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of Persons, Rights of Residence and Establishment;

Considering issues causing humanitarian emergencies and their impact on ECOWAS Citizens;

Harmonization of legislations on social protection;

Solidarity building at community level;

Removal of all constraints that inhibit women from maximizing their contributions and benefits in the sub-regional integration effort;

Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, including customary practices;

Harmonization of associations of West African Women’s organization with relevant bilateral, multilateral and governmental Organisations;

Committee News

Committee Members

Position in Committee Lastname Firstname Country
President Sakande Benao Kaboubie Reine Bertille Burkina Faso
Vice President AYAMBA Laadi Ayii Ghana
Vice President Adewale Taiwo Nigeria
First Rapporteur Medegan Fagla Sédami Romarique Benin
Second Rapporteur DIALLO Ramatoulaye Labbo Guinea
Second Rapporteur Adewale Taiwo Nigeria
Member Adewale Taiwo Nigeria
Member Sylla Adama Senegal
Member Njai Fatoumatta Gambia
committee Clerk
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