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Committee on Trade, Customs and Free Movement

This Committee shall be responsible for matters relating to:

Free Movement of Persons, Goods, Capital and Services;

The establishment of an economic and monetary union as stated in Articles 54 and 55 of the Treaty;

The role of the private sector and joint regional enterprises in the sub-regional economic integration process;

The establishment of an African Economic Union envisaged in the Treaty establishing the African Economic Union of 1991;

Intra-community trade in goods and services;

The promotion of the use of local materials, intermediate goods and inputs as well as finished products originating within the community;

The protection of export commodity prices on the international market;

ECOWAS trade fairs and similar events;

The establishment of an intra-community trade fair information network;

Promotion of better terms of trade for West African commodities and improving access to international markets for the Community;

The World Trade Organization (WT0) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD);

Customs regulations and procedures to ensure effective implementation of the provision of Chapter VIII of the Treaty;

Citizenship of the Community and adoption of measures to guarantee right of entry, residence and establishment of every community citizen, as provided for under Article 59 of the Treaty;

Closer cooperation among judicial and other competent authorities in Member States, in accordance with Article 57 of the Treaty.

The Common External Tariff (CET).

Application of the ACP-European/Union partnership.

Committee News

Committee Members

Position in Committee Lastname Firstname Country
President Kwasi Ameyaw-Cheremeh Ghana
Vice President Stephen J. H. Zargo Liberia
First Rapporteur SOUMAH Aboubacar Guinea
Member Sani Ousmane Dit Dan Didjé Niger
Member Murtala Isah Nigeria
Member Danladi Sankara Nigeria
Member Humberto Elísio Lélis Sousa Duarte Cabo Verde
Member Vilane Abdoulaye Senegal
Member ISSA MAYAKI Ramnatou Niger
Member Koumoin Konant René Ivory Coast
committee Clerk
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