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Community MPs take ownership ECOWAS of Vision 2050

The opening of the parliamentary seminar on the theme “ECOWAS Vision 2050: Formulation Process and Implementation Challenges” was held on Thursday, March 3, 2022 in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital. Naaron Diggs, Liberia’s Minister of Trade and Industry, representing President George Weah, chaired the opening of the seminar. Also, present were the Speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives and the Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, Sidie Mohamed Tunis. The speeches delivered on this occasion were based on the relevance of the chosen theme.

Thus, for the representative of the Liberian Head of State, it is necessary that MPs, who are the representatives of the people, take ownership of the forward-looking programme developed by ECOWAS to make the West African region a region of peace, security and progress in political stability by 2050. She invited parliamentarians to ensure that throughout the seminar the true aspirations of people are considered in the ECOWAS vision for the next thirty years.

Speaker of the Community Parliament, in his speech, dwelt on the optimism that emanates from the ECOWAS 2050 vision for the next three decades, despite the current security and health challenges that concern the world and the West African region. He recalled that ECOWAS Member States must continue their efforts to defeat COVID-19 and specially to combat insecurity and instability of republican institutions. For Sidie Mohamed Tunis, this is the sine qua non condition, otherwise people’ quality of life will not be improved and the objective of “peace and prosperity for all”, which is part of the ECOWAS vision, will not be achieved by 2050.

With the help of experts, community parliamentarians will seek to better understand the objectives contained in the forward-looking programme for a qualitative transformation from an ECOWAS of states to an ECOWAS of peoples by 2050.

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