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Office Aide G1/G2/G3

JOB TITLE:                            Office Aide


GRADE:                                   G1/G2/G3

ANNUAL SALARY:            UA 9,535.80 USD 15,045.59
                                                     UA 11,083.65 USD 17,487.78
                                                     UA 17,067.59 USD26,929.25

STATUS:                                  Permanent

DIRECTORATE:                   Administration & Finance

DIVISION:                              General Administration & Conference

LINE SUPERVISOR:           Administrative Officer P3/P4


DUTY STATION:                  Abuja, NIGERIA

Applications should be sent to:


Under the supervision of the Administrative officer, the incumbent shall be responsible for managing the administrative functions of the office including maintaining paper and electronic files, providing notes and records of meetings, managing office supply inventories and assistance to the Registry. 



  • Establish, maintains and updates filing system for the department; 
  • Receive and record incoming and outgoing mails/circulation and dispatch services; 
  • Retrieve needed information from files; 
  • Seek direction, clarity and accuracy of final copy of document; 
  • Assist in Office management; 
  • Assist in charge of Reprographic services; 
  • Manage office supply inventories;      
  • Answering telephone calls; 
  • Relaying messages; 
  • Receiving guest/visitors; 
  • Responding to inquiries  
  • Perform any other duty assigned by the superiors. 



  • West African School Certificate or equivalent certificate; 
  • 2 years of demonstrated experience working in an office as an intern, entry level office worker or receptionist; 
  • practical experience completing simple highly routine clerical and office tasks requiring minimal judgment and limited knowledge of office procedures;  
  • Understanding of processes and procedures of relevance to assigned responsibilities; 
  • Ability to quickly assimilate and apply standard office routines and tasks to complete assigned tasks according to performance expectations.  



Be below 50 years old. This provision does not apply to internal candidates. 



  • understands own role in the team, making every effort to contribute in a meaningful way; 
  • adapts quickly to new ways of doing things;  
  • ability to follow simple instructions and to consistently complete work in a timely manner; 
  • Ability to learn from others, on-the-job and independently by reading instructions, guidelines and work manuals; 
  • Ability to motivate self along the organisational structure. 
  • ability to interact with others in a candid, timely and straightforward manner; 
  •  ability to communicate general information in an accurate and customer-friendly way; 
  • Capable of dealing with difficult clients or situations in an effective manner, understanding own limitations and when to call for assistance; 
  • Ability to deal honestly with clients and avoid conflict of interest. 
  • knowledge of ECOWAS diversity management and multiculturalism;  
  • ability to interact with others in a manner that is adapted and that respects multicultural and diversity policies/expectations; 
  • ability and responsibility for incorporating gender perspectives and ensuring the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work; 
  • Ability to ask questions in order to clarify multicultural and diversity expectations in the day to day execution of assigned tasks and learns from experiences. 
  • clearly understands the goals and targets of assigned work;  
  •  knowledge of the mandate of the organization; 
  • Ability to understand, apply and explain ECOWAS procedures and work instructions; 
  • Ability to display values in the execution of assigned duties that reflect ECOWAS expectations  
  • keeps high quality records that are easy for others to understand; 
  • knowledge of who to seek within ECOWAS for information important to the execution of assigned duties; 
  • Ability to write with correct grammar and spelling and draw reasonable conclusions from written instructions. 
  • good written communication skills in order to understand correspondence/emails and reply accordingly; 
  • Ability to use technology as determined by assigned responsibilities and internal standards. 
  • proficiency in information communication technologies (ICT); 
  • Fluency in oral and written expressions in one of the ECOWAS official languages of the Community (English, French & Portuguese). Knowledge of an additional one will be an added advantage 
  • approaches and carries out all duties in a thorough and organized manner; 
  • ability to identify and appreciate the urgency and importance of different tasks; 
  • Knowledge of the need for quality record keeping in planning and implementation of assigned tasks. 
  • Ability to execute tasks in accordance with step-by-step instructions. 



General Service positions, such as this one, are only open to ECOWAS citizens resident in the host country, in this case, Nigeria. 

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