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Security Officer P1/P2/P3

JOB TITLE:                     Security Officer
GRADE:                             P1/P2/P3
ANNUAL SALARY:      UA  36,929.06     USD  58,266.68
                                              UA 42,916.53       USD  67,713.70
                                              UA 49,106.81       USD   77,480.72
STAUS:                              Permanent
DIVISION:                       Infrastructure
LINE SUPERVISOR:   Principal Officer, Infrastructure
SUPERVISING:             Security Assistant


Applications should be sent to:


Under the supervision of the Principal Officer, Infrastructure, the incumbent shall ensure the safety of lives and property within the office premises and in the official residences of the institution.


  • Assist the Facility Manager and Transport Officer in arranging for a supply of Security Men from the Nigerian Legion as and when necessary;
  • Deploy Security Men tactically to give security cover to all sensitive points on the premises and official residences;
  • Supervise and manage Security Men, plan shifts and leave roaster to ensure adequate rest and effective performance by the Men;
  • Operate an effective communication system to facilitate coordination among team members in dealing with any security situation on hand;
  • Supervise parking within the office premises;
  • Maintain active contact with security services such as the Police Service and the Fire Service as well as the paramedical services to be able to deal with any emergency beyond the control of the Security Unit;
  • Assist the Facility Manager and Transport Officer in giving training and security/safety information to staff members and other users of the office premises;
  • Investigate and report all cases of security breaches within the office premises and/or official residences;
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences or Humanities from a recognized University.
  • 2 years of experience with a security agency or relevant security related military experience;
  • Demonstrated sound judgment in applying ECOWAS Security policies, procedures and practices;
  • Specialized trainings in safety and security is desirable;
  • Excellent knowledge of public safety and security procedures/protocols;
  • Knowledge of the laws, regulations, and guidelines related to securing personnel, facilities, and information, including the requirements for handling, transporting, and protecting classified information and proper reporting of security incidents;
  • Knowledge of weaponry, and intelligence operations, public safety and security operations; occupational health and safety;



Be below 50 years old. This provision does not apply to internal candidates.



  • ability to motivate self and/or others to engage in and successfully complete tasks at hand;
  • demonstrated experience leading conversations that will either provide participants with new information, ideas or awareness or elicit feedback;
  • ability to positively influence co-workers when faced with challenges and work problems to help trigger solutions and build confidence;
  • ability to respect chain of command in an appropriate manner;
  • ability to lead in the management of own career and performance and to seek assistance/coaching when required.
  • well-developed client service skills including a positive attitude, creative thinking skills, good work ethic, teamwork experience, time management skills, flexibility;
  • ability to take initiative to resolve problems and improve quality and/or quantity of work by identifying alternative solutions and discussing appropriateness/approach with supervisor;
  • strong desire to help others and capacity to empathize to generate mutual understanding;
  • ability to work as part of a team in supporting and addressing the needs of clients and stakeholders;
  • ability to multitask and to meet client service/stakeholder management standards and objectives of pertinence to assigned responsibilities.
  • ability to perceive the moods and feelings of others from various cultural backgrounds, and to understand interests, needs, and perspectives so as to prevent/address misunderstandings and complaints;
  • well-developed ability to relate well with people from varied backgrounds and sound understanding of diverse cultural differences especially within west Africa;
  • ability to listen attentively to people’s ideas, requests and concerns and to understand and internalize the need for diversity management in every day workplace practices;
  • ability and responsibility for incorporating gender perspectives and ensuring the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work;
  • ability to factor in diversity when providing services, responding to requests, recognizing and releasing preconceived notions and stereotypical views of certain groups and individuals.
  • basic understanding of the ECOWAS organization mandate and its functions;
  • ability to explain the ECOWAS programs and projects relevant to tasks and demonstrated understanding of data used by the department/institution/agency, including knowing where data resides in the system, the ability to see how the data in the system interrelates and how data entries and changes may impact data in other parts of the system.
  • knowledge of ECOWAS routine procedures and practices as it relates to assigned responsibilities;
  • ability to apply ECOWAS standards in emailing, reporting, correspondence, etc. and to accept and implement changes as directed.


  • excellent numeracy skills with the ability to collect, collate, classify and summarize data systematically.
  • demonstrated ability to assist in conducting primary and secondary research activities in accordance with instructions and/or best practices in research techniques (e.g. interviews, tests, desk research);
  • ability to identify inconsistencies in reasoning and to articulate findings clearly;
  • ability to use creativity and initiative in the generation of alternative solutions to a problem;
  • ability to gather, analyze and arrange information in a logical sequence.
  • ability to provide useful feedback when asked and to use feedback constructively when given;
  • demonstrated ability to use computers with superior word-processing skills and proficiency in the use of data base (e.g. access), spreadsheets (e.g. excel), inter/intranet, email and social media;
  • tact, diplomacy and well-developed interpersonal skills;
  • ability to write accurate, clear and well-organized text;
  • proficiency in information communication technologies (ICT);
  • Fluency in oral and written expressions in one of the ECOWAS official languages of the Community (English, French & Portuguese). Knowledge of an additional one will be an added advantage.
  • well established time management skills with the ability to make well considered/reasoned decisions regarding own work and to follow them through;
  • ability to use action planning skills, set priorities, develop work goals and identify the steps needed to achieve goals of relevance to own work area;
  • ability to work well and meet objectives of tasks when under pressure or when exposed to uncertainties, challenges and/or changing work environments;
  • ability to understand and contribute to team/work unit goals and plans as well as to collective decision-making.
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