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“ECOWAS Vision 2050 is the foundation for our actions over the next thirty years”- Sidie Mohamed Tunis

Speaker of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament, Siddie Mohamed Tunis, said on Thursday, March 3, 2022, in Monrovia, at the opening of the Parliamentary Seminar on the ECOWAS Vision 2050 that “this vision is the foundation of our actions over the next thirty years”.  

This parliamentary seminar is part of a clear commitment by the Community institution to promote peace, security and stability; governance and the rule of law; economic integration and inter-connectivity; transformation and inclusive and sustainable development; and social inclusion.

Speaker Tunis hopes that the vision will provide policy recommendations to address the complex challenges in West Africa, including education, science and technology, health and development, sustainable agriculture, peace and social justice, and gender equality.

This is why, according to Speaker Tunis, the Monrovia meeting is an opportunity to define a common strategy and give guidance to regional institutions, including the Community Parliament, in the implementation of this 2050 vision.

We are convinced that with a vision document that defines our regional priorities, we can make a lot of progress in the areas of good governance, sustainable development, capacity building, economic growth and above all peace and security,” he hoped, while asserting that peace and security counter the many external threats that have the capacity to disrupt and derail socio-economic progress.

Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament also recalled in his speech the many challenges the West African sub-region is facing, among others, COVID-19 pandemic, insecurity and socio-political crises resulting from unconstitutional regime changes.

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